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HITO 2013

Flag Tape EVERGOLD gallery San Francisco CA


The videos and photographs of our actions are offered as documentation of the performance.  VIDEO OF THE PERFORMANCE


Echo 2014

Façade Intervention Old Mint Building San Francisco CA

5,000 meters  Reflecting Ribbon


That’s what it is…

The reflecting material used contextualizes the installation; it becomes a metaphor of the work itself, the self-recognition, and the uncontrollable necessity of transcendence, making subtle actions that wrap the mystery. The space modifies the piece that reconstructs itself through the existing elements.


Carolina Herrera/Comex 2014

Steel structure 3.40 x 3.00 x 2.50, 600m of Ribbon

Casa Estudio Luis Barragan, México D.F



Comex 2014

Steel structure 3.40 x 3.00 x 2.50, 800m of Ribbon

San Ildefonso, México D.F





Hallway Intervention

Union Square 7.3.I3 II00: Hito II

16,000 yards of flagging tape

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