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Jacaranda petals, solidified paint, Plexiglas

No dicho is part of a series of works using jacaranda ́s petals as a metaphor of the time pass and the fragility of the moment. Each petal is attached to the Plexiglas using saliva and outlining each one with solidified paint. The jacarandas contained inside the cube will start falling throw time since they were attached organically.


Cut wrapping paper

Latin Re-cordari re (de nuevo) cordari (Corazon) “volver a pasar por el Corazon”

Latin Re-cordari re (again) cordari (heart) “passing again through the heart”



Today I only see you calm for a moment I don’t want to disappear and only stay in memories.

Inertia 2014
30 Cut out paper, wood, fishing line

Tracking the way we use language...
Each hanging piece of paper contains a different artist statement from the artists showing work at the exhibition (PRINCIPAL= SFAI –MFA exhibition). The words that are cut out are the ones that are repeated among the 30 artist statements that compose the piece.
By using only the 10 most repeated words, the installation form is the result of placing the artist statements in such a way that each of these words it superimposed on itself. They are placed in the different heights where the word was actually written in the statements making a network, joining them as a huge 3D puzzle.

The 10 most common words are: Work (repeated 32 times) followed by Space (13), Explore (11), Art (11), Practice (10), Experience (10), Body (10), Cultural (9), People (8), Human (8).

The inertia and the common use of language somehow alters the depth of understanding.

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